Do you crave more freedom? Financially? Personally?


Most of us do, but few know how to obtain it or are too comfortable where we are to pursue it.


If that’s you, I’d like to show you five reasons why having a side hustle can not only help you gain the freedom you crave, but why it will actually help grow you into the person you’ve always wanted to be.


So if you’re looking for freedom and personal growth, here are five reasons you should definitely start a side hustle.


  1. Creative Power

According to Parari1, only 32% of people feel they can act creatively in their careers. Ironically, LinkedIn Learning data for both 20192 and 20203 found that creativity is the most valued skill in the workplace. That kind of irony leaves many employees feeling overworked and under inspired, but don’t fret! When you have your own side hustle, you have complete creative control.


  1. You Define the Boundaries

For the trail-blazers, we work best when we’re the ones navigating. Finding your own side hustle puts you at the helm of the ship. When you work for yourself, you decide when the workday starts, how you will approach that new client, and when it’s best to just say no.


  1. Financial Freedom

Building a secondary income-stream is a way to go from struggling to pay the bills to sitting comfortably, or to go from dining at two-star venues to eating at places you never dreamed of eating at before. Whatever your motivations, a side hustle can push you in the direction of your financial goals.


  1. Self-Actualisation and Service

“You can’t pour from an empty cup”, or in other words, to best serve others we have to take care of ourselves first. Having a side hustle nudges if not thrusts you into becoming the best version of yourself, and from there, you will be able to find those who will most benefit from who you’ve become.



  1. Ships in the Harbour

When a ship sits in the harbour and the tide comes in, it’s not just the one ship that rises, but all of them. Pursuing a side hustle takes self-discipline, dedication, and excitement if not full-blown passion. The characteristics you develop as a result of this will eventually seep into other areas of your life. For instance, once you’ve disciplined yourself to wake up at 5 am every morning to work on your marketing campaign, getting to the gym doesn’t seem like such a big task anymore!


So why should you have a side hustle?


It’s not just about the hustle, but the journey that comes from it. It’s about taking a risk and chasing something that will give you more than just a paycheck. And if you have the guts (which I know you do), to be able to turn that side hustle into your own full-time business, giving yourself even more freedom and greater opportunity to serve your community. To not just be at the helm of the ship but to own the whole thing to boot.


With that being said, does it look worth it yet? Can you see the tide rising and maybe the possibility of living the kind of life you really want?


If so, put your entrepreneur hat on and let’s go.